Occasionally, governments apply tax laws to all taxpayers who generate sales of goods and services to register and use approved tax equipment. Countries are implementing such laws and platforms to make tax collection more efficient and easier to manage. As a result, taxpayers are required to issue tax receipts and file tax returns for sales revenue.

The law may also require all fiscal equipment manufacturers to include pre-defined features in their hardware and/or software for registering sales and collecting tax reports more easily and quickly. In general, tax equipment is subject to localization extensive testing and analysis before the government certifies compliance with tax legislation specifications.

Approved equipment and/or software is one that meets these specifications and complies with the local law of each country. They are specially equipped with fiscal memory, PSAM and authorized secure digital signing capabilities, screw and anti-tampering fiscal seals, as well as the ability to print fiscal vouchers containing all sales data as well as data of corporate clients. In addition, they must have 2 displays – one for the operator and one for the client. For us, it is important to sustain your business and keep things you are comfortable with, but keep up with the technology.

That’s how we built the NEW RETAIL GENERATION PLATFORM embedded in an ANDROID operating system.